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Little Pink Book

"Banishing Burnout"

"The constant demands placed on professional women today, especially full-time working mothers, are enough to overwhelm the most..

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La Salle Magazine

"Providing Peace of Mind"

Enlisting the services of Time Sweet Time is an investment, not an expense, "Watkins said. "Time is a precious commodity. Our clients..."

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The Philadelphia Inquirer

"At your service"


“People want to be pampered," she said. "They want that personal assistant." That's the case even in tough economic times, "Watkins said. "People ...”

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Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal

"Business Aims to Save Sweet Time"

Her service aims at giving back some of that time by performing tasks that her clients don’t have time for from organizing the home and office, to planning...

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My Community Trend

"Giving the Gift of Time Sweet Time"

She said such services could range from "one shot deals," like planning a family vacation or party, to ongoing projects. One such project has Watkins...

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Lehigh Valley Business

"Leave the Details to a Personal Concierge"


“My customers, who include corporate executives and small business owners, need to hand off certain tasks in order to concentrate on their core ...”

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Parents Express

"Add A Few Extra Hours to Your Day"

American workers are chronically overworked, with job-related stress varying significantly by age, employment situation, and demands at home. ..

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Private Wealth

"Feeling Rich Again"

Whatever caution the wealthy may have shown during the recession has begun to ease up over the last year, as if some see the light at the end of the...

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Main Line Magazine

"The Fixer"

Fantasize all you want about having someone else do the heavy lifting in your life. Just realize, sooner rather than later, preferably, that such a person...

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Experience Life

"Time Sweet Time"

“Teresa Watkins found out the hard way how an out-of-balance schedule can suck the joy out of life. Now she helps her clients, her family and herself...

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